The 2020 European Fund for Energy, Climate Change & Infrastructure

The 2020 European Fund for Energy, Climate Change and Infrastructure is the first fund of its kind launched by Europe\'s leading public financial institutions.


A number of infrastructure investments have been completed by the Fund.

Investment Team

Marguerite Adviser has a truly experienced Investment Team which can facilitate access to substantial priority infrastructure opportunities


Marguerite was established to make capital-intensive infrastructure investments and will target attractive long-term and stable risk-adjusted returns.

Recent News

05 February 2015

24 turbines completely installed in the North Sea The offshore wind farm Butendiek in the North Sea started operation of its...

20 October 2014

Leading private infrastructure long-term investors gather in Paris for the LTIIA's first annual meeting with French Ministers Michel Sapin and...

22 May 2014

Luxembourg, May 22, 2014 – City of Poznań authorities together with the project company, SITA Zielona Energia, and shareholders Marguerite and...